Patient information sheets

These documents are intended to provide patients with guidance on correct sample collection procedures and other useful testing information.

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Document nameDate


Important facts for patients on warfarin

24 December 2020

Urine for microbiology collection instructions

Instructions on how to collect a urine sample for microbiology testing

28 September 2017

Urine for cytology collection instructions

Instructions for collecting a urine same for cytology testing

18 October 2011

Semen Analysis Information

Laboratory hours and sample collection instruction for seminal fluid testing

23 December 2020

Self-taken vaginal swab instructions

Instructions for patients to take their own vaginal swabs.

17 December 2013

Mantoux test

Information on how to go about having a Mantoux test

18 October 2011

Fasting test

Important information for patients required to fast before a blood test

18 October 2011

Faeces collection

Instructions on how to collect a faeces sample

18 October 2011

Patient eligibility

Patient eligibility for public funding of medical laboratory testing

19 October 2011
Clinisafe MLC18 October 2011